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These bobbleheads are fully customizable. Just upload your images and we'll do the rest!

Bobbleheads are for fun!

Choose one of our stock bodies to get started!

100% Custom Head-to-Toe

Break the mold and choose to make a Custom Head-to-Toe bobblehead from scratch! It's really easy too, just upload a full-body image along with your headshots and we'll do the rest!

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Our Process

Shaquille O'Neal 3 Feet Tall "Big Fella" Jumbo Bobblehead

Officially licensed for the Uncle Drew Movie Premier, the Big Fella came out great! Demanding your attention with his commanding presence the Big Fella is true to his name towering over all other bobbleheads at 3 feet tall!

Good to know

What do I need to get started?

To get started...

All you need is a front-facing photo of the person being bobble-ized and some simple information like their hair color, eye color, and skin tone!

Additional images are always useful but certainly not necessary to get things bobblin'!

What is "proofing" and can I make revisions?

Proofing is...

Proofing is a standard part of the production process that encourages customer feedback and ultimately customer approval each step of the way to make sure your bobblehead looks exactly like you want it!

Within 2-4 days of placing your order you will receive an email and a text message with a link to your initial clay proof. You will have the ability to review your clay mold and send feedback directly to the sculptors working on it.

Upon clay approval, the positioning and form of your bobblehead will be finalized and it will move along to be painted. We will then send another email and text message for your approval on the fully painted bobblehead. You'll have the ability to send feedback on the painting segment until you are satisfied.

*Please note that once clay is approved and sent to paint, the clay cannot be changed.

Once we get your approval on the paint, your order will be shipped and you'll be notified of the tracking information which will allow you to follow the shipment until delivery.

Where is my order?

Order Status

Click the link below to track your order or reach out to our customer service team if you have any additional questions.

Please be sure to have your order number and email address readily available.

Track your order

Will my order arrive in time?!

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How do I care for my bobblehead?

To keep your bobblehead looking great...

Display your bobblehead in a dry, room temperature environment, where everyone will be able to see it and make it bobble!

If it gets dirty or dusty just wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Do not use any chemicals to avoid the risk of the paint smudging.